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Download Movie Oh Baby - Baby (LAURA LOVE Kiehl), is a beautiful orphan girl, energetic and have the aspiration to become a dancer separately pay for grandpa's medication, which has been ill. Secretly Baby who drop out of school participated in a high school dance competition, by wearing a mask and a new identity, PHANTOM

Remarkable appearance made all the spectators and the committee was amazed. But they wonder who this mysterious Phantom? Operator competition, WIZARD (ANDY RIFF) proposed requirement to Baby, he can into the grand final, with the condition that he should go to the school designated by the Wizard of PEKERTI sublime, with all expenses paid

Noble character is an elite private school with dozens of tight regulation, which led young Principals are super disciplined, PAK YUDO (IOP Pakusadewo). His son, BENNY (RIDWAN Ghani), 15, is chairman of PHP (Harmony Education Supervisor), with the task of making sure no siswapun who violate the rules. ZARRO (RANDY Velasquez), the hottest guy in school, who are also participants dance competition grand final, so hated Benny

Occurrences Baby at school with all the carelessness and kekonyolannya make Benny growled. They both immediately become the enemy

Will Baby Zarro duped tricks? Can she join the grand final? And will Baby and Benny will never be united?

Film Type:
Romance, comedy, musical, Teen, teenage
Dhamoo Punjabi, Manoj Punjabi
Md Pictures

Uploader: Samu

Cinta Laura Kiehl
Randy Velasquez
Ridwan Ghani
Ariel Tatum
Tio Pakusadewo
Andy Riff
Piet Burnama

Cassandra Massardi

Cassandra Massardi

Download Film Oh Baby

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