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Download Film Merah Putih - Set in an authentic history of Indonesia's struggle for independence in 1947 when the Dutch Military Aggression Van Mook leaders who attacked the heart of the republic in Central Java, MERAH PUTIH tells the story of a group of freedom fighters must unite to survive the assassination, fought as a guerrilla fighter, to be a child children of the nation-indeed, apart from the sharp personal conflict and differences in social class, ethnicity, regional origin, religion, and personality

in 35-millimeter film format, Merah Putih involving the best of international film experts in the field of special effects and other technical procedures with experience in Hollywood film: Special Effects Coordinator of English Adam Howarth (SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, Blackhawk Down), Starring Substitute Coordinator Rocky McDonald (MISSION IMPOSSIBLE II, THE QUIET AMERICAN), Make-Up and Visual Effects Artist Rob Trenton (BATMAN - THE DARK KNIGHT), arms expert John Bowring (Crocodile Dundee II, THE MATRIX, THE THIN RED LINE, AUSTRALIA, X-Men Origins : Wolverine) and Assistant Director Mark Knight (DECEMBER BOYS, BEAUTIFUL)

Film Type:

Hashim Djojohadikusumo, Rob Allyn, Jeremy Stewart

Pt Indonesia Media Village, Margate House


Lukman Sardi
Donna Alam
Darius Sinathrya
Zumi Zola
Teuku Rifnu Wikana
Rahayu Saraswati

Yadi Sugandi

Conor Allyn
Rob Allyn

Download Film Merah Putih

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